Terrazzo Tiles

 Terrazzo is a flooring material traditionally made by exposing marble chips on the surface of concrete and then polishing until smooth. Now, however, you can buy terrazzo in tile form.

Terrazzo is a composite material either poured in place or precast or hydraulically pressed as tiles. Terrazzo is used for floor and wall decorative finishes. It consists of marble, quartz, granite, glass or other suitable chips; sprinkled or unsprinkled, and poured with a binder that is cementitious, chemical or a combination of both. Terrazzo is cured, ground and polished to a smooth surface or otherwise finished to produce a uniformly textured surface.

 Terrazzo is an excellent tiling choice for a number of reasons. The first is its looks. Because it is made by embedding marble, granite, quartz or glass chips in a cement binder, it retains many of the aesthetic qualities of the non-cement additive. Often it achieves a look equally as stunning as pure stone or ceramic tiles at a fraction of the price. Secondly, because terrazzo tile is manufactured by mixing different elements together, you can choose almost any design or color for your tile project that you can dream of, including abstract decorative designs, official seals, and floor maps just to name a few. The sky is the limit.

  On a more practical level, terrazzo is also one of the most durable tiling materials on the market – much more so than its stone and ceramic competitors. Once sealed properly it is impervious to water and stain damage, it doesn’t chip like other tile materials can, and can be used on both interior and exterior applications. And if the surface gets worn down over the years, it can be re-finished and polished to look like new again.

 Application of Terrazzo tiles:

From a construction standpoint, terrazzo tiles can be applied as traditional tiles or they can be mixed, poured, and finished directly on site, adding even more flexibility and options when it comes to design and installation. It’s also up to 50% lighter than other tiling materials, making it particularly valuable for multi-story installations, especially buildings with large areas and multiple stories where the weight of materials can really add up. In fact, while terrazzo is a great product for homeowners, it is ideally suited for large office buildings and other public areas as well.

Terrazzo Best Used (only where it can be used will be covered, if you want we can keep it this way as well).

  • Used outside or indoors as a flooring material, and it is great for high traffic areas such as lobbies, hallways and tiled outdoor areas.
  • On top of that, its water resistance makes it an equally good choice for kitchen and bathroom floors as well.
  • In addition to flooring, its ability to repel water and stains also make it a popular choice for countertops, showers, baths, and swimming pools.
  • Finally, as mentioned earlier, the fact that terrazzo is light weight and can be poured in large swaths instead of laid as individual tiles, makes it particularly suitable for large scale flooring projects in buildings and public areas.

       Types of Terrazzo tiles (You have to provide the details what all types of terrazzo tiles you make)

Advantages of Terrazzo tiles

  •   Aesthetic appeal
  • Cutting edge cool
  • Infinitely customizable
  • Versatility
  • Underfloor heating friendly
  • Healthy
  • Easy maintenance
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Durable