Flexi Cobble

The concrete cobble stones are like the timeless natural cobbles, but a more pragmatic and yet aesthetic alternative. Cobbles from Sona Tiles are not only better in appearance owing to clean cut straight lines and controlled color options, but are also friendlier for wheel chai usage, to the elderly taking walks, to the children playing around, or to stiletto wearing women, where used.

 Why go for cobbles :It seems expensive, until you realize that cobblestones can have a much, much longer lifespan than asphalt paving. Cobbles are typically quarried from quite hard rock, and while they do gradually wear down, it’s not uncommon for them to last for centuries. When you need to tear up part of the street for maintenance work, you can collect them all up in a pile, and put them right back in place when you’re done — with virtually no loss or waste of material in the process, and hardly any large and heavy equipment needed to do the work. When they do start to wear down or get rutted, those same stones can be recycled out to pave lesser-used roads, and get decades more service out of them.

 That said, the cobblestone paving surface is indeed less functional for driving cars on; it’s rougher and noisier. However, in dense urban areas, that aspect can actually be beneficial at keeping motorists’ speeds under control, and the roads safer for pedestrians and other uses.

 Uses of cobble:  (need to confirm the below point, if you have the uses, please add them) and their advantages too

  •  Pathway
  • Driveway
  • Street
  • Outdoor Paving
  • Landscaping
  • Patios and Walkways
  • Walls
  • Plant Beds
  • Form a Stream Bed
  • In the yard
  • Need details of color, dimension