Industrial Heavy Duty Flooring Tiles

Time Peroid: since 1985.

Standard: as per I.S., E.I.L. Standards

SONA TUFF” top floor Hardener – Non Metallic

Concrete Surface Hardener for High Abrasion Resistant Topping for Heavily Stressed Areas

“SONA TUFF” top floor Hardener is a factory blended dry ready mix compound, non metallic and iron free – does not trust, floor and surface hardening agent to increase resistance to abrasion and mechanical wear. Based on, mineral origin hard natural aggregates close to Diamond in hardness.

“SONA TUFF” top floor Hardener bonds monolithically to the freshly laid concrete floor surfacing and slabs. Provides high wear resistance to concrete surfaces thereby extending the service life of industrial, commercial and Residential floors. The floors are rendered tough, wear resistant, dust free, physiologically harmless and above all durable and very economical compared to alternative possibility with epoxy and other liquid plastics.

“SONA TUFF” top floor Hardener’s greatest advantage over conventional metallic hardeners (ironite) – which gets corroded very soon.  Giving rise to cracks, scales and potholes – is the non rusting properly which enables its use in wet rooms as well as for out door applications.

“SONA TUFF” top floor Hardener is available in Cement Grey Colors. Other Colors like Terracotta Red, Yellow, White and Green can be manufactured using special coloring agents, as per order.

“SONA TUFF” top floor Hardener is available in Powder form and in25 Kg. sacks.

“SONA TUFF” top floor Hardener should be stored in original, unopened packing in a covered, dry and moisture free place.

“SONA TUFF” top floor Hardener if cured properly may be used after – 18 hours for pedestrian traffic; 7 to 10 days for light traffic; 28 days for heavy traffic.

“SONA TUFF” top floor Hardener recommended consumption for surfaces classified into three categories depending upon the the usage they are subject to are:

For light duty              :  3.0 to 4.5 Kg/m2

For medium duty        :  5.0 to 6.5 Kg/m2

For heavy duty           :  7.0 to 9.0 Kg/m2

“SONA TUFF” top floor Hardener is to be applied preferably on a freshly laid concrete Base of grade no less than – M200. “SONA TUFF” top floor Hardener is to be spreaded over by dry shake method by hand of scoops on the newly laid smooth concrete surface in two stages. The surface of base concrete should be dense, compact and free from residual bleed water and sufficiently hardened to allow light foot traffic (the foot marks leaving an impression of about 2-3 mm). The bleed and surface water should have been evaporate as too much of water on surface will sink the hard wearing not provide required moisture to hydrate the binder of “SONA TUFF” top floor Hardener. The floor surface should be marked in know areas ad proper quality of “SONA TUFF” top floor Hardener should be selected as per consumption requirement. Half or one third of the total quantity of “SONA TUFF” spreaded compound material becomes evenly dark by absorption of surface immediately thereafter the balance quantity of “SONA TUFF” top floor Hardener should be evenly spreaded in the similarly floated. Final finish can be carried out by normal methods or by power trowels. Proper curing should be ensured after final toweling. As soon as the surface has hardened sufficiently it should be protected from rapid drying for at least 3 days by pooling water and cured by spraying water for a minimum period of 7 days.