we manufacture, A range of ‘SONACRETE’ designer tiles, pavers, drains and curbs. To attain the trusted quality, is manufactured using the best quality construction chemicals from BASF, raw materials and pigments from Lanxess (Bayer).

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The SONA TILES ‘SONACRETE’ wet-cast designer decorative products which, imitate, different natural stones are manufactured from the best quality cement, sand, aggregates and chemical additives. The products are unique in colouring as uses UV resistant pigments from world leader Lanxess – earlier BAYER and Machinery from “Eurobrevets” Belgium, Germany.

The attractive UV resistant range of premium quality designer cement concrete tiles, available in a range of unique colours, designs and patterns, makes it the prime choice of many architects and property owners.


Unbeatable with its great bearing capacity and a layout designed with ecology in mind


  • Percolation through wide  joints reduces risk of flooding, the ground water level is maintained, rise in water table
  • Due to maintained ground water level the boring depth is reduced thus reduction in the power consumption
  • A water and air permeable pavement laid using SONACRETE pavers protects the ‘soil habitat for plants and small insects’
  • Use of SONATUFF Top Floor Hardener gives a high wear resisting surface capable of bearing heavy loads, riding heavy vehicles, easy to walk on and yet aesthetically appealing pavement 
  • Prevents Algae formation, making it slip resistant  prevents accidents
  • Coated surface prevents staining from oil spilling from automobiles, garbage spilling and human spiting  thus providing neat and clean pavement, reduction in cleaning cost 
  • They are double-layer pavers with SONATUFF – Top Floor Hardener for high wear resistance.
  • Strong Side Walls helps distribute Static and dynamic loads radially across the surface of the pavement.
  • The SONACRETE products are engineered for a long performance life. 





Eurobrevets – Belgium for Wet-Casting and SONA TILES monopoly in Industrial Heavy Duty Floorings for Heavy Industries and Power Generation Plants.


Ultra High Strength upto 700mpa and above Concrete Pavers with High Abrasion Resistant UV resistant Surfaces. No Wastage, 99% usable if the pavement is designed properly.



Eurobrevets – Belgium, Germany with Latest Planetary Mixers. Washing and Cleaning of Moulds.


very Accurate and Beautiful Products.

Available Shapes