Dished Channel

Dished Channels

 Dished channels are, rightly or wrongly, often regarded as a hazard for wheelchair users and prams, and so their use is now largely restricted to car parks, while fluted channels have virtually disappeared, despite there hardly being a week without someone asking where they can be obtained.

Dished Channels create a gentle channel to drain water away to soakaways within your property boundaries, in accordance with Government legislation.

 Dished Channels blend well with paving and can be incorporated in to your design without compromising the overall result.

 The Dished Channel can also be used with a number of other surfacing to divert water to drainage points.

 More aesthetically pleasing channel units are available to complement both concrete and clay block paving  (NP: you need to confirm this information)

 Dimension, color, product name -- (Swinal you need to get all of these details).